Dyspraxia Test

If you think you may have Dyspraxia, you may wish to take our mini online ADHD test to see whether you have indicators of it.

However, this is just a guide. It cannot replace a full assessment nor should be used to self-diagnose or decide upon a treatment plan.

We can assess you for an educational diagnosis of dyspraxia, if you are over 16, for DSA purposes or support plans. However, a formal medical diagnosis would involve input from a GP or Occupational Therapist.

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Question 1
Do you find it difficult to get your thoughts into writing?
Yes No
Question 2
Do you need help with everyday activities like remembering appointments?
Yes No
Question 3
Do you prefer solo sports to team games?
Yes No
Question 4
Do you lose things and feel disorganised?
Yes No
Question 5
Has anyone in your family (including Uncles, Aunts and Grandparents) had difficulties with reading, writing or general clumsiness?
Yes No
Question 6
Are you often late for lectures and meetings?
Yes No
Question 7
Do you get lost easily in new surroundings?
Yes No
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Our results indicate that you may be dyspraxic
This is based on you answering "Yes" to out of 7 questions.
What Next?
If you need help in education, we advise you book a test with us to get an assessment. However, this is not a formal medical diagnosis; this would require input from a GP or Occupational Therapist.
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Our results indicate that you are not dyslexic
What Next?
If you still have queries or would like to discuss anything further please contact one of our team
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