Dyscalculia Test

If you think that you have dyscalculia, you may wish to take our mini online dyscalculia test to see whether you have indicators of it. However, to get a formal diagnosis, you will need to book a full dyscalculia assessment with us here.

This test will ask about your relationship with numbers and your experience with maths problems.

We also offer testing for dyscalculia in children; please get in touch to find out more.

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Question 1
Do you have a poor understanding of +, -, ÷ and x, or get confused by these mathematical symbols?
Yes No
Question 2
Do you often have to read something two or three times before it makes sense?
Yes No
Question 3
Do you have trouble with a calculator due to difficulties of inputting numbers?
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Question 4
Do you have trouble learning and understanding reasoning methods and multi-step calculation procedures?
Yes No
Question 5
Do you mix up or reverse numbers?
Yes No
Question 6
Do you find it difficult to do calculations in your head?
Yes No
Question 7
Do you have difficulty with measuring time and judging the passing of time?
Yes No
Question 8
>Do you have difficulty remembering times tables?
Yes No
Question 9
Do you forget phone numbers or addresses, even just a few moments after they were said to you?
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Question 10
>Do you have difficulty with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division or find it difficult to understand the words "plus," "add," and "add-together."?
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Our results indicate that you may have dycalculia
This is based on you answering "Yes" to out of 10 questions.
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We advise you book a test to get a formal diagnostic assessment.
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Our results indicate that you do not have dyscalculia
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