Our NMH rates are outlined in the table below.

(Please note that only remote delivery is currently available.)

Standard Rate
Distance Learning only
(in-person, in-home)
Remote Delivery
(eg. Microsoft Teams or similar)
Band 4 Specialist Access and Learning Facilitators
Specialist Mentor- Mental Health£58.00£11.60£69.60£58.00£11.60£69.60£58.00£11.60£69.60
Specialist Mentor – AS£58.00£11.60£69.60£58.00£11.60£69.60£58.00£11.60£69.60
Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Support – SpLD£60.00£12.00£72.00£60.00£12.00£72.00£60.00£12.00£72.00
Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Support – AS£60.00£12.00£72.00£60.00£12.00£72.00£60.00£12.00£72.00
Assistive Technology Trainer£60.00£12.00£72.00£60.00£12.00£72.00£60.00£12.00£72.00