If you think you may have ADHD, you may wish to take our mini online ADHD test to see whether you have indicators of it.

However, this is just a guide. It cannot replace a full assessment nor should be used to self-diagnose or decide upon a treatment plan.

We can assess you for an educational diagnosis of ADHD, if you are over 16, for DSA purposes or support plans. However, a formal medical diagnosis, would involve input from a GP or Psychiatrist.

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Question 1
Do you find it difficult finishing a task or project?
Yes No
Question 2
Do you find it difficult to organise yourself or a task?
Yes No
Question 3
Do you find it difficult to remember appointments?
Yes No
Question 4
If a task or project requires a lot of thought do you often delay getting it started?
Yes No
Question 5
Do you find it difficult to sit still and often fidget or squirm?
Yes No
Question 6
Would you describe yourself as being 'on the go' and feel compelled to do things, as if driven by a 'motor'?
Yes No
Question 7
Do you find it hard to remain focused in group settings?
Yes No
Question 8
Does your mind feels very cluttered and is it hard for you to concentrate on one thing at a time?
Yes No
Question 9
Do you make decisions quickly and fail to think through the consequences?
Yes No
Question 10
Are you often irritable, with a short fuse?
Yes No
Question 11
Do you have mood swings, sometimes feeling quite high, other times low?
Yes No
Question 12
Do you often miss what is being said to you in conversations?
Yes No
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Our results indicate that you may have ADHD
This is based on you answering "Yes" to out of 12 questions.
What Next?
If you need help in education, we advise you book a test with us to get an assessment. However, this is not a formal medical diagnosis; this would require input from a GP or Occupational Therapist.
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Our results indicate that you don't have ADHD
What Next?
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