Dyslexia Test

If you think that you have dyslexia, you may wish to take our mini online dyslexia test to see whether you have indicators of it.

This free dyslexia test for adults will take you through a set of questions about your experiences with reading and writing – including those experiences from your school days.

 However, to get a formal diagnosis, you will need to book a full dyslexia assessment with us here.

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Question 1
Do you struggle reading?
Yes No
Question 2
Do you often have to read something two or three times before it makes sense?
Yes No
Question 3
Did you have trouble learning how to read when you were in school?
Yes No
Question 4
Are you uncomfortable reading out loud?
Yes No
Question 5
When you were in school, did you find it extremely difficult to learn a foreign language?
Yes No
Question 6
Are you easily frustrated and emotional about school, reading or testing?
Yes No
Question 7
Do you have spelling mistakes when writing even after spell check?
Yes No
Question 8
Do you miss out words or lose your place when reading?
Yes No
Question 9
Do you confuse the names of certain objects?
Yes No
Question 10
Do you find it hard to follow several instructions all at one time?
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Our results indicate that you may be dyslexic
This is based on you answering "Yes" to out of 10 questions.
What Next?
We advise you book a test to get a formal diagnostic assessment.
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Our results indicate that you are not dyslexic
What Next?
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