ADHD FAQs (Adults)

Is ADHD a hidden disability?

Adults with ADHD are often misdiagnosed when they are younger as having an SpLD like Dyslexia or were considered naughty children during their time in school. ADHD may have been something you have lived with for a long time but not known why you do certain things or your brain works in a certain way.

Is ADHD a disability?

ADHD is recognised as a disability on a school census and also by the government in terms of application for additional help, such as the Disabled Students Allowance.

Can ADHD affect my learning?

Certainly, ADHD often makes it very hard to concentrate on a string of thought and hold on to it. This can make it very difficult to keep track of where you were up to on a task such as writing an essay or remembering what you have read in a book.


Can you develop ADHD later in life?

No, ADHD will have been present during your childhood. If you are experiencing difficulties that seem similar to ADHD as an adult but they were not present as a child, there may be another medical explanation for this.